Why businesses are using social media to grow their companies.

In this virtual manual for marketing your site, we are going to explore the world of social media. Social media is actually used for socializing. Socialization can take place on the basis of different forums including fashion, politics, education, lifestyle and the very incredible field of business. Businesses in the recent years have capitalized on the internet and how they can now get close to their potential clients, find out their likes and dislikes and engage them on a large scale. Businesses are using social media to convert their audience into buyers by capitalizing on trending products and services available. There are numerous social sites available and the majority of them are free to join. The top used being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Instagram is becoming very popular too for the fact that it is a forum of posting photographs. Humans are very visual and when businesses use images to get their point across, products displayed, this is a great marketing too. Images usually attract viewers more than just plain text.

socail media.

Popularity and recognition

A good number of the world’s population uses social media for their inquiry on products and services. If you get your business on the internet and more so the social site, you actually gain popularity. Ensure you have an active social site for your business. While having a website is best to display your offer, some successful companies only use a Facebook page and do quite well. A site that is active in the sense that you post regularly with relevant to what people are interested in while weaving in your content is a homerun. With this, a user who sees that post and likes its content is likely to share it with another person who also does the same and in the long run it ends up, in best case scenario, going viral. With this popularity and recognition just comes your way easily. In times before the internet, this kind of visibility would have been very expensive to achieve.


Loyalty from customers is what keeps your business going but the trickiest bit of it is maintaining the current or active customers. Having a social site page for your business shows you are concerned with maintaining a good rapport with your customers. It means you want to keep interacting with your clients. More often than not, businesses using social media end up keeping their clients for a longer time as compared to those that barely have a social site account for their company. However, on those social sites, you have to deliver something worthwhile to gain the loyalty. For instance, you could keep engaging your clients and encourage them to leave comments for posts that you make. Once they leave the comment, reply to them as this makes them feel appreciated and acknowledged. With such a feeling, you are actually morphing your client and hence stronger loyalty towards your company.


Every business aims at increasing sales and the power of social media achieves this. The more you market your products and services, the more likely you are to attract clients who will come desperately looking for you Business. The cost of marketing your company is also reduced as compared to using the offline or traditional agents of advertising such as newspapers and broadcast agents, like Television.

More social media sites are being born every day. Some stay popular and relevant and some do not, i.e. MySpace. Staying up on the current trends of social media and which platforms are the most popular gives you a leg up on the competition not to mention very cost effective.